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ELLE一直以來均是時尚領導者,對廣泛的支持者帶來深遠影響力,啟發他們創造出屬於自己的個人風格。ELLE Academy是個可持續發展的學習平台,涵蓋由編輯及各方專家提供的專業知識,主題包括時裝、美容及生活範疇,透過ELLE的國際視野及精心製作,讓觀眾建立出獨有的風格及生活品味。ELLE Academy網站內,包含各種文章、影片及工作坊,收看的觀眾可從中學習時尚而實用的專業知識,探索有關時尚、美容、健身和生活方式等的內容,享受有趣及充滿啟發性的學習過程。

ELLE is the style opinion leader who is highly influential to her fans, inspiring them to celebrate individuality and create their own style.

ELLE academy is a sustainable campaign with fashion, beauty and lifestyle guide of professional advice from editors and expertise, in order to develop unique style and preferred way of living with ELLE’s unique POV.

It consists of articles, videos and workshops for learning and exploring trendy and timeless tips of style, beauty, fitness and lifestyle topics with substance and with take-away, enjoy more in-depth and insightful learning.